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SEO services Leeds

Local SEO services for small business in Leeds

If you have small or local business in Leeds and you are an owner of the website then you are in the right place.

I provide SEO services for local business in Leeds (and not only Leeds).
From few years I am working as SEO freelancer – consultant and performer.
My services are for people who are looking for someone who know how to help them to get more customers from Internet by their website and profiles.

I am the right person for you because I have knowledge and experience  to make your website to grow up in Google search engine till first page of results, it means till top 10.
The target is for your website to be visible in Top 10 Google search answers but if possible the true target is Top 3 results.
Statistic show that over 70 % of people who use Google search engine they choose product or service from first 10 answers. Then some group of people will use next 10 answers but not many of Google customers do it.
To send you on the top of Google search engine you need professional SEO service.

SEO is a process, step by step your website will be growing up in Google and more visitors will come on your website. Among them will be your new customers.
Before it happen your website need professional SEO audit to get answer about technical condition. SEO audit will give me information what should I do to optimize your website according to Google rules.

SEO is a process prepared for each client and his website individually.

Good SEO services optimize your website so that people who are searching for what you have to offer, they found you.
You should know that SEO services are the best ways to achieve top rankings for your most important keywords on your website.

Full SEO service it means:

  • SEO audit – website analysis
  • developing strategy for your business
  • website optimization
  • keyword research
  • link building
  • social media integration
  • SEO submission for your website
  • develop strategy
  • Google Tools integration


For who local SEO services in Leeds?

Local SEO service in Leeds is dedicated to companies operating locally in the city and the surrounding areas. For companies that seek a local customers.

SEO services are ordered especially by:

  • service companies
  • doctors and dentists
  • psychologists and psychotherapists
  • physiotherapist
  • restaurants
  • hotels and guesthouses
  • stationary stores and online stores
  • car mechanics
  • sports centres
  • transport companies
  • removals
  • electricians, plumbers
  • cleaning companies for apartments and offices
  • wedding photographers
  • gardening services
  • renovation and construction companies

Local SEO service is especially needed and appreciated by small, one and several people companies that do not run an office and provide their service at the client’s place.These companies use SEO to:

  • to be on the Google Maps of Leeds and present their offer to a large group of potential customers.
  • to be in Top 10 results of Google Search Engine for Leeds area on keywords which show their firm.


Local SEO service benefits

Features and benefits of my SEO services:

  • attract more visitors to your website
  • more phone calls to your firm
  • convert more visitors to leads and sales


What will you get by ordering a SEO service?

  • Local SEO service
  • Google My Business
  • Everydays monitoring website visibility and keywords positions in Google



SEO services Leeds – full offer

  • SEO audit for your website
  • analysis of local competition
  • keywords research
  • developing strategy for your firm on Internet
  • SEO optimization
  • SEO submissions
  • backlinks to local SEO to improve the trust and authority of your website. Backlinks quality always checked with Majestic analytical tool (TF and CF)
  • Google My Business – add and optimization in service
  • SEO citations
  • SEO copywriting – The quality, quantity and size of texts and the place of publication strictly depend on the positioning budget.
  • NAP cards for your company (NAP = Name, Phone, Address) on Internet
  • website integration with company profiles in Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube – to be discussed with the website owner
  • I will add your website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • periodic SEO analysis
  • Everydays monitoring website visibility and position of keywords in Google search engine
  • daily monitoring of the position of selected keywords. As part of keywords monitoring, I provide the customer with a link to self-monitor the keywords at at any time.
  • One time per month I am sending to customers results of collective monitoring of the position of keywords for a period of one month.

Keywords monitoring is conducted separately for the search engine on a PC and separately for mobile devices. Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular when searching for goods and services on the Internet.

  • monthly statistic of page visibility and visits from various search channels. Entries from Google search engine, direct entries from the website address, entries from the Google My Business and Social Media profiles.
  • Summary of activities carried out in the past month.
  • implementing new SEO technics for good sites from Google


If your company operates not only locally but on a larger area, I invite you to wide SEO.
Wide SEO is carried out on many keywords simultaneously in a large area and gains traffic to the website but need longer time and bigger budget to achieve target.

My terms are monthly payment. You can cancel the SEO service at any time but I will finish the period which is just in progress.


How to choose local keywords for local SEO

Choosing the right and effective keywords for local SEO is next to SEO analysis the first and most important stage.

Choosing keywords for local SEO can not be on random selection but must be checked with the help of good analytical tools.

For local SEO I choose and working only with keywords that are truly searched by Internet users in the location where your business operates.

When choosing keywords, you should know that the Google search algorithm is a very intelligent tool that always matches the answers to the place from which the question was asked.



Every SEO service is separated as on-site optimisation and off-site SEO actions .

On-site SEO optimisation

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Header Tags
  • Keyword Consistency
  • Amount of Content
  • Image Alt Attributes
  • Duplicate content – checking and optimisation
  • Text to HTML ratio – checking and optimisation
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • Friendly URLs
  • GZIP Compression
  • HTML Compression
  • JavaScript Compression
  • Redirections SEO, www/non www – checking and optimisation
  • CMS Minification
  • Internal linking
  • link rel canonical – if need be
  • Favicon – graphic symbol of your website
  • SSL certificate
Off-site SEO
  • link building – I’ll preparing ways to create new backlinks for your website
  • social media integration (Facebook, Youtube and something more)
  • Google Analytics – account creation and optimization
  • Google Search Console – account creation and optimization
  • Claiming to Google My Business and Google Maps (here)
  • XML sitemap and robots.txt – preparing and sending to Google
  • SEO submission
  • I’ll list your business NAP (business name, address, phone – business cards) in independent UK websites
  • I’ll list your business in the UK networks of classifieds, web directories and business guides
  • guest articles to publishing on the blog
  • Google penalty checking (once on beginning)
  • Mobile-friendly test – your website test here
  • Wish you good luck and invite you to co-work.


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