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Click OK when you have added all the folders you need. Scroll down, select Search and Indexing, click Run the troubleshooter, complete the wizard, then restart. Then check to see if your search queries work. More than 10 years ago, Microsoft introduced an improved feature in Windows Vista called Instant Search. The feature made finding your files and apps faster, easier, and more relevant. The essential component to Instant Search, which still exists in Windows 10 today, is the Search and Index Control Panel. This article looks at how you can configure it, add other drives and folders, and troubleshoot it when it doesn’t work.

  • On Windows laptops with integrated Intel HD Graphics video cards, you need to disable brightness correction through the registry.
  • If so, it’s much easier to figure out and fix the problem.
  • We fixed an issue that prevents access to files on a Server Message Block share when you enable Access Enabled Enumeration .

So I had to find a NVIDIA dll errors way to stop it from installing automatically. I was able to do it, but someone who isn’t tech savvy would probably not have been able to do it. When the computer restarts check if you are able to fix Windows 10 won’t download or install updates issue. Windows updates are automatically downloaded & installed regardless of whether you want to install it or not.

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Additionally, we introduce some software to help you back up your data and rescue your lost files. Should you have any other related issues that need to be fixed, you can let us know in the comments. After these 3 steps, you can go to check for updates in Windows Update. If you can download and install Windows 10 21H2 successfully, this means that the issue is solved. If you still see a Windows Update error, you still need to use another method to fix the issue. If this is a driver issue, then installing the latest updates from the manufacturer support website may help fix the problem.

  • If the last step does not work for you, then go on with next steps.
  • Or, you could go into your USB drive and run setup.exe.
  • Some users flagged localization issue where the feed will show news headlines from different countries in an incorrect foreign language.
  • The whole process may take some time, depending on how fast the internet connection is.

A problem with DLL is when you change the content of the DLL. This can lead to versioning problems where an application uses the incorrect version of the DLL causing problems. You need to keep track of your DLLs in order to avoid these problems. You would not have this problem with LIB as you would only get one large file.

How Do I Customize Icons In Windows 10?

I don’t own a Surface, but in doing some reading to answer your question I came across a feature called Adaptive Brightness and Contrast. Unlike the previously mentioned feature that adjusts based on ambient light, this feature adjusts the screen based on the content displayed.

You won’t receive any new feature updates in that time frame, however, which means the fresh goodies in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and its successors will also be off-limits. If that’s a concern, you’ll probably want to pick up a new laptop. Uncheck the Uninstall software driver for this device box. We fixed an issue that always reports the update build revision as zero on a device during enrollment to mobile device management service. We fixed an issue that causes the LsaLookupSids() function to fail.

Let’s get down to solving it effectively and efficiently. When you open Device Manager, only to find there is a yellow exclamation next to it, implying your AMD graphics driver is not installed correctly. Picked up by Windows Latest, Microsoft has confirmed that its Windows 10 May 2020 update can cut off users from the Internet, even when their Internet connections are working.