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General information for customers Seo4u


 search engine optimization from Seo4u

General information for customers on following services.


Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )


  • I will need name of website from customer and his idea about keywords. From other hand I will help to choose right keywords.
  • I will make SEO audit for website and free analysiss.
  • I will send information from SEO audit and my proposal for SEO service for website
  • I will make optimization of website.
  • I will prepare and discuss with customer a strategy to develop his website.
  • I will make SEO submission.
  • I will prepare a back links.
  • I will make Social media integration.



  • I will need general information about business which we need to promote on website.
  • I will need your decission what to show on website ( private pictures from your business or something from library of free pictures, if you choose free I will find something right for your website).
  • Every website from me is fully responsive it means that it opens correctly on PC, smartphone and tablet. Every website have own CMS (content management system).
  • Every website have section

–  About Us ( information about service or product from your business),

–  Contact ( form to contact, address details and map to show your business on map),

–  Gallery  ( pictures or      video to show your service or products ).

You can always add more sections if you need.

  • I will need your logo if you have one.
  • Every website will be optimized to SEO action in the future.
  • Every website will be send to index for ca.20 worlds search service ( including Google and Bing).
  • I will need your decission about domain name and web hosting.
  • If you don’t have domain name you should choose together with me. Right domain name is very importent for SEO in the future.
  • While making new websie you will get full access to see progress.


Business card

  • I will need Personal information which you want to show on card.
  • I will need Logo for your business (if you have one).
  • I will need Information about your business because project must be dedicated around your business.
  • You should choose if you need one or two side business card.
  • You should choose if you need only project or project and printing, if you order with printing you need to inform how many cards you order.
  • If you have some idea of how should look your card please show me and together we can find right project.
  • You should choose if you want vertical or horizontal project for your
  • You should choose if you wish only vector graphic on card or some pictures too.
  • You will get 3 different projects for your business card to choose right for final printing.
  • Before we decide to print you must accept the final project and check that all information on card are correct.


Poster / Flyer

  • I will need text which you want to show on poster.
  • You should choose size of poster/flyer.
  • I will need your logo if you have one.
  • I will need pictures for poster from you or permission for me to find something from library of free pictures.
  • I will need information from you that you need only project or project and printing.

If you need project and printing I will need to know how many posters to print.

  • You will get from me 2 projects to choose from, after that you can still make some changes.


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